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been around on-and-off since 1996

Welcome to Pumpkin Pi Studio! We have been around since 1996, back when we were hosted on geocities. Well, when we say 'we' we actually mean 'I'. It's just me manning this site, and I haven't been great at keeping up with updates, so the website has had many incarnations. As a matter of fact, it's been a while since PPS has been updated, and this is its latest installation. Damn, it's hard work! Web design and creation have come a long way since the days of basic HTML and geocities. Yeah, I know. It would be easier to just sign up to a free blog site on joomla or wordpress, but you know, what would be the fun in that? Nothing like paying good money to have one's own domain, hosting package and all the fancy stuff only to let it sit there for years: neglected and empty. And by the time I come back to try and do something about it, I find that everything's out of date and I've forgotten how to do everything. But hey, here I am ... again ... With any luck I'll keep at it this time!


Just to be clear, this is a personal website. Thoughts are my own, and opinions are just that: opinions. I may or may not have checked the legitimacy of my claims. I may or may not back my opinions up with any shred of evidence. If you like my writing, please feel free to stick around and read, but I have no desire to actually interact with you, so as you can see, I have disabled comments and all means of getting in touch with me. If you don't like my writing, you are free to go elsewhere. I am not obliged to permit you to interact with me. If you are offended by the fact that you can't comment, then this is obviously not the place for you.


But now that we've got that out of the way, have a look around! To begin with, you'll probably notice that there's just a load of gibberish on here. That's because I uploaded the Lightblog quickstart package so my page starts off with all the gubbins and looks all pretty. So as I have more content to add, I'll slowly replace the demo content with my own.


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Mother earth

Wildlife and page on the Joomla

The natural world is disappearing at an alarming rate. Earth is constantly being used and abused. If humanity were to be wiped out before we obliterate the environment, then perhaps the earth will recover. Humans are the worst cancer that has happened to the world.

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