Now I can write, right?

Category: Blog Published: Thursday, 15 February 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing

I have my website up and running once again. I managed to get the quickstart package to work, figured out where some of the modules and images and articles go, put some content on, and a few other tweaks. It's a start. Now I can write, right?

Procrastination is my bane

All I needed to do was get my site up and running. It doesn't need to be perfect right now. I've replaced some of the demo content with my own, and I've created a menu for my Academia, with all the lecture topics in submenus. I've even uploaded the text, though not properly formatted or populated with images, of the one Ecological issues I've (mostly) completed, and put what I have on Marine ecosystems up. So why can't I get back to it? I've supposed to have finished, or mostly finished Marine ecosystems by the end of January and should now be half-way through Freshwater ecosystems. But I'm not even half-way through Marine ecosystems! Yet, here I am writing my blog complaining about my procrastination and how it's stopping me from getting things done. I really need to crack on. I really need to stop sabbotaging my life. But hey, at least I've got a pretty website. :) Now to make the content mine. That can't be too hard, right?