Considerateness goes a long way

Category: Blog Published: Sunday, 18 February 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing

Team Joomla from Airlie Beach With 7.6 billion people in the world, it's impossible that anything is going to please everyone. However, as human beings, we have developed the social contruct and certain 'rules' to help each other get along and co-exist. Quite often, though, the seemingly very simple one of considerateness is so hard to come by.

Building works at the weekend

One of the challenges of living in an increasingly crowded world is having a place to live. I know I can't really sit on my high horse here, living in a three-bedroom house with only one other person and two cats. Before we moved in, we had the place renovated to our liking. It required a fair bit of drilling and hammering, and generally just making a lot of noise. But this place is in a neighbourhood, a quite and peaceful one considering its rather quite central location. And the rows of houses are right next to each other, as in they're stuck together, kinda like tenement buildings but each column is just one two-storey house (except for the ones where people have bought two or more and expanded them internally). We didn't know what the rules of doing renovation work were, if there were any, and trying to ask the neighbourhood security guard just led to frustration. When we lived in a condominium, the rules were written down and clear: no building work of any kind on a Sunday, whereas Monday-Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm was fair game (or something like that - can't really remember the specifics). So anyway, not knowing what the rules were, we decided to go for a general rule of etiquette and go for any work can be done Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm (a normal working day can start at 8 am here rather than 9 am), and if the builders needed to do work during the weekend, then it had to be quiet work only. We thought it was only fair. We didn't want to subject the neighbours to noisy work every single day for several months. We also let our immediate neighbours (left and right) know that we were about to start renovations, the times we were expecting to make noise, and when we expected all work to be finished. It was the polite thing to do.

Now, three months later, the house two doors down from us (that we also looked at and very nearly bought) has finally got a new owner. And, having seen the place, I know how much work would need to be done to it to modernise it. So I get it. I mean, I do a lot of work at home during the week, but I get that they need to be allowed to work on the house then. I could be elsewhere if I can't stand the noise. But the weekend. Now, that's sacred! I want to be able to relax in my own house during the weekend. My husband doesn't have the choice of working from home during the week. He has to be at work from 7.30 am to 4 pm every weekday. He doesn't get home til after 6 pm. I suspect that our neighbours (the ones between us and the house under renovation) work during the week too. And other people around here. We work. Or there are also elderly people who live in the neighbourhood. I bet they wouldn't mind some peace and quiet at least on one of the days during the seven-day period.

Whether the new owners of the house have informed their immediate neighbours of the impending work, I don't know, since we are a couple of doors down from them. But you'd think that they would extend similar courtesies as we did by not doing noisy work during the weekend. And did they? Did they fuck. They were drilling all day yesterday (Saturday). It was driving me up the wall. But, through my seething and my annoyance, I still thought OK, maybe just Saturday. It is, after all, a work day for a lot of people here. But surely not Sunday, right? I mean, one day of peace, no? No. It seems they couldn't give a rat's arse about other people. Eight-ish in the morning, Sunday morning, as I was stupidly dreaming about printers of all things, I was rudely awoken by my head being drilled. Huh? What? .... Argh, seriously? Sunday morning? Eight in the morning? It beggars belief - that people can be so inconsiderate. You know, sometimes it really is these little things that mean so much. A little consideration here or there for the fellow human being. Apparently it's too much to expect.

I'm hoping that our shared immediate neighbour (the one in between our house and the one being renovated) is going to complain, or the ones on the other side of them. I mean, it must be way worse for them being right next door. Hmmm ... as I write this (an hour and a half later), it seems to have stopped. Perhaps the neighbours did just that: tell them how it is. I hope so, otherwise I would have to do a lot of deep breathing to calm myself down first before I go and try to assertively tell them to shut the fuck up. Well, fingers crossed that that's them stopped for the day.

A little considerateness goes a long way

Of course, being that little bit childish and unnecessarily competetive the way we are, my husband and I both had that thought of: Oh, well at least now we'll be the favourite neighbour. Yes, yes, I just said it was childish. It'll show the neighbours in between that we are nice and considerate and polite and all those virtuous words. So we've patted ourselves on the back a bit. So what? There's no denying that we did the right thing: the nice thing. We tried to be as considerate and respectful of our neighbours as we could. After all, we intend to live here for the next twenty or more years. We want to start off well with them. But it's not just that, you know. Being considerate is important in this fast-paced crowded world we live in, and considerateness goes a long way!