My cats

Category: Felis catus Published: Thursday, 15 February 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing

We have had three cats in our time: two current and one deceased, although technically I've cat four cats.

I rescued Pooky and another cat, Charlie, from a cat shelter in Edinburgh. Charlie was a much older cat, around 8 years, and they didn't get along. Pooky was about a year and a half at the time, and she had just had kittens, but had somehow lost them. She literaly lost them, as in she couldn't find them. I folks at the shelter said they had looked all over for the kittens but couldn't find them. And when Pooky came to us, there was a period when she appeared to be looking for something, presumably her kittens. Poor Pooky. But anyway, when my then boyfriend and I broke up, he took Charlie, so I was left with Pooky, which turned out to be one the best things that had happened to me. So even though, technically, Pooky and Charlie counted as having two cats, I don't really see Charlie as my cat as she was only with me for a few months. It was more like she was temporarily staying with me. So, Pooky is the first. She died on 23 April 2014 of cancer, which is another story, and I will forever miss her.

When Pooky died, the flat felt so empty, even though she had never been a particularly chatty cat (except when she wanted food - then she'd make sure we knew about it). We missed her so much we thought that she could never be replaced, that we could never get another cat. But get one we did. After a while, we began to think that we might be ready for another furkid. Pooky could never be replaced, of course, but she wasn't really being 'replaced', as it were. She would always be special. But we could give a loving home to another cat. So we decided that we would take one from my parents' house. They had 12 rescue cats, and were keen for us to take one. Eleven of their cats were siblings and we thought we'd take one of them, but the cats had other ideas. The outsider, non-sibling cat was determined for us to take her home with us, so that was that. We adopted Kelda.

I wanted another cat, but because we lived in a small place, my husband was adamant that we couldn't have another one unless we got a bigger place. Well, in the latter half of 2017, we got a bigger place! So after letting Kelda settle in for a month, just a few days before Christmas we went to the local cat shelter and got us another one. Having always wanted a black cat, we set out especially to get a black cat. We sat around in the black kitten room for ages trying to pick one, some of them more interested in us than others, but at the end of the day, the kitten (well, she's actually a fully grown adult though kitten-sized) that won us over ended up not being a jet black cat yet again. Though she is the closest to a black cat, basically being a black and white one. So we came home with our third cat, whom we named Pandora.