Kelda & Pandora's daily struggles

Category: Felis catus Published: Friday, 09 March 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing
Kelda & Pandora

Are these two ever gonna get along? I hope so. G thinks so, but he's probably a bit more optimistic than I am. He could be right ... I hope he is, but sometimes I think it's never gonna happen.

Kelda's getting stronger now, but it seems that all she wants to do is go outside, as if she doesn't want to be in the same house as Pan. She doesn't always mind Pan, and I'll admit that sometimes it does look like they might just be starting to get along. But then there's always that daily struggle. Pan just wants to play all the time. She's got seemingly boundless energy while Kelda is, well, much older and doesn't have the same appetite for dashing around like a mad thing any more. Kelda just either seems really annoyed all the time or somehow trying to ignore Pan who, to be fair, can be a real handful. Argh! Like right this very moment when I'm trying to type this.

I know Pan just wants to play with Kelda. And she's constantly following her around and chasing her, jumping on her bum and stuff. But she just doesn't know when to stop. Well, OK that's not strictly true. She does know when to stop, and she'll sometimes pause for a moment or two, but it seems like she just can't seem to resist. Like having a wee nibble at my Achilles tendon. She knows she's not meant to do it but she just can't help herself.

Poor Kelda mostly just wants to have quiet moments to herself. But then she can be a real grump too. And the possibly weird wiring of her neural pathways, coupled with maybe going senile or something, makes her lash out unprovoked. Yeah, Pan can be really annoying and there's the inevitable hiss coming from Kelda when Pan keeps chasing and hassling her. But sometimes Kelda just hisses and reaches out to slap Pan out of the blue! Yesterday, we were watching TV and Pan was curled up between G and me. Kelda came along from the other side of G and lay on his tummy, facing Pan with her face quite close (for her anyway), and went to sleep. Just as we were discussing how it looks like they may finally be getting along, Kelda finally accepting Pan and being able to lie near Pan, Kelda opens her eyes, hisses and reaches over to slap Pan with her paws, waking and startling Pan - and us! I mean, wha...? Poor Pan was just sleeping there and Kelda was the one who came up to lie near her.

I guess Kelda must've fallen asleep, forgotten Pan was there, and then upon opening her eyes was herself startled at seeing Pan there, not yet being used to the little one being so close to her. Poor Pan, though. She was a bit shell shocked for a bit - didn't last long, mind. She wasn't physically damaged as Kelda must've at least managed to lash out at her without bringing out her claws. Nothing seems to affect Pan for long, but hopefully all the little bits and pieces won't be adding up to any lasting emotional problems! I hope G's right, though. I hope they do eventually manage to properly get along. I still dream of a day when they are cuddling up to each other and are best pals. It may never happen, but at least they seem to be making strides each day. A few steps forward, a few back, but hopefully mostly in the right direction.