Web authoring

Category: Frontpage features Published: Saturday, 17 February 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing
Creating web pages

I have been creating web pages since 1995, when I was in first year at uni, and the first incarnation of Pumpkin Pi Studio came about in 1996. It was hosted at Geocities' Sunset Strip, and created on the very first computer I owned: a PowerMac 7200.

Web creation has come a really long way since then. In first year, we lived in university accommodation and I didn't have my own computer, so my mate and I would go up to the computer lab at uni and spend hours and hours on Netscape and learn HTML. We'd have to get there early to secure a spot on the machines. At the beginning, we did every bit of HTML manually. There weren't that many things to remember, you see. It was mostly just unformatted text with the odd <b></b> for bold and <i></i> for italics. There was a simple background on the page. Oh and the little animated gifs. Wow, that was like the future back then! I'm not talking about the animated gifs you get these days. They were these tiny little images that moved. I think I may even still have some of them lying around in on of my backed up hard drives somewhere.