Pooky was our first cat. Even though she is no longer with us I still miss her a lot. The pain of losing her is less intense now than during the first few months of her passing, but every now and then it feels just like when it just happened. She will always be special to me. We went through so much together, and even though I didn't get her either when she was a kitten or I was a child, we came together when we were both very young. We grew up together, went through thick and thin together. And I took her half way across the world to a different continent with me. She will always have a special place in my heart and I will always miss her.

Pooky: The beginning

Category: Pooky Published: Tuesday, 13 March 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing

Pooky. My first cat. I named her Pooky after Garfield's teddy bear, and I guess she was kinda my teddy bear. Teddy cat? Pooky cat. I still remember the day that I got her. I went to the Edinburgh Cat Protection League in Leith to get a black cat. I always wanted a cat, especially a black one.

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