This is where I document my gains and losses in the gym and at the dining table.

Everyone wants to look good and feel great. I'm no different. Of course, looking good and feeling great are very subjective terms and everyone's definition is very different, especially when it comes to looks. Throughout the ages, women and men have been told that they should aspire to certain ways of carrying out themselves, behaving and looking. For a very long time, women in most societies have been told they are weak and feeble and should leave all the heavy lifting to the men, who are supposed to be strong. The idea of a 'small' (yet another subjective term) women are incapable of lifting heavy objects is prevalent. One of the problems is that all these words - good, great, weak, strong, small, etc - are all such subjective terms. They are relative to something else. I mean, how do you define strong? I think at the end of the day, strength is personal. Do I feel strong? What are the criteria for my strength?

I am a woman. I am 5'3.5" tall. A lot of my friends say I'm so small. But am I? World statistics (will find a link at some point) show that I'm pretty average height for an adult women. But that doesn't matter to them, does it? To them, I'm small ... and, well, therefore weak. They're always so surprised when they grip my 'strong' hands, not imagining that I could possibly have such a strong grip for a wee person. They are amazed at my ability to do full press-ups. Now I can do one to two pull-ups. And I want to do more! I want to do muscle ups, 10 pull-ups, hand stands, L-sits, pistol squats. These are some of the things I can't do yet. But one day, maybe, if I keep up my training. I am a strong and badass woman, and don't nobody tell me otherwise! Still ... my laziness quite often gets in the way. And if I were physically weak in some way, well that's because I'm lazy and not because I'm a woman or a 'small' person.

So anyway, this is where I will attempt to log my journey to badass-ness. I usually keep a paper journal anyway, so I may not put stuff on here as much, what with there being all sorts of other commitments and all. But I thought it would be a good idea to at least have some space on my website for it.

6-week fitness reflection (Feb 2018)

Category: Fitness Published: Friday, 16 February 2018 Written by Butterfly Wing


At the start of the year, I made an 8-week training programme, based on the Girls Gone Strong strength training programme. I basically took their weeks 9 to 16 and modified it slightly. Today, after 6 weeks, I completed week 4. Here are my summary and reflections (copied from my notebook).

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    They say muscles aren't built in the gym, they are made in the kitchen. Hmmm, but so is fat. And now in my forties, it ain't so easy to shave off the fat and build up the muscle. So a bit of planning and monitoring is required.